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The Forks Area

The Forks is located in northwestern Maine within the Somerset County. It’s actually called The Forks Plantation by the books but, the locals call it simply The Forks. The Forks is an extremely small town which consists of an estimated population of 35 residents as of 2008. It’s a very unique place were the Kennebec and Dead Rivers join.

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The Forks Area offers a full array of lodging to include full service resorts, sporting camps, lakeside cabins, inns, and campgrounds, with restaurants, pubs, fine dining, nightlife and other amenities to accommodate everything you need for a superior Maine vacation.
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West Forks, Maine

West Forks, a plantation in Somerset County, was fully organized March 31, 1893, though it had been organized for election purposes in 1859.  It is north of The Forks Plantation.

West Forks lies north of the Dead River and west of the Kennebec just above where the two rivers combine at The Forks.

The heavily forested area with a small and dwindling population is bisected by U.S. Route 201 on its way north to Jackman, then to the Province of Quebec.

The Forks, Maine

The Forks village is at the confluence of the Kennebec and Dead Rivers.

With the Kennebec on its west, and the full length of Moxie Pond on its east, the area does nor lack for fishing opportunities.

Appalachian Trail southbound hikers enter from Caratunk at the southeast corner of the plantation at the very southern tip of Moxie Pond, trekking over Middle Mountain, then north of Pleasant Pond over Pleasant Pond Mountain before reentering Caratunk.

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