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ALL profits from the purchase of this book are donated to local Maine communities & support organizations!

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ALL profits from the purchase of this book are donated to local Maine communities & support organizations!

Celebrate Maine Home Cooking!

Mainers know that if there is one thing that brings everyone together, it’s food; from blueberry pie contests to lobster bakes to bean suppers and beyond. The Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook explores that idea, offering family and community recipes from across the length and breadth of Maine.

The editors have collected recipes and photos from kitchens all across the state ranging from everyday families and home cooks to award-winning chefs and notable Mainers. This special cookbook not only stretches out geographically from the coast to the mountains to the woodlands, but seeks to span the entirety of Maine’s existence; exploring the food of Wabanaki tribes, the customs of European settlers during early statehood, and the tastes of Maine’s newest immigrants in the 21st Century.

In all, the cookbook offers more than 200 recipes from Margaret Chase Smith Blueberry Muffins to Thai Fiddlehead Stir Fry to Lobster Crab Etouffee.

Praise for the Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook

“There are many ways to gain insight into a place. You can listen to its music, learn its language, educate yourself about its history… taste its food. The Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook provides an expansive and loving introduction to the kitchens, traditions and people of Maine.” —Portland Press Herald

“True to genre, the book provides a colorful snapshot of places, people, and history, via short personal stories that accompany the recipes and tell about toting wax-paper-wrapped whoopie pies to work in the potato fields or recreating the spicy meatball subs a grandmother used to make to sell at fairs during the Great Depression. ‘The recipes aren’t really the most important thing,’ Schatz says, ‘The most important things are the stories and the sentiments behind the recipes.’”—Down East Magazine

“On days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it; it dries the wet socks, it cools the little brain.”

— E.B. White

Community Land Trust


Serving Local Maine Communities 


Our Goal :

To start a nonprofit organization to hold land in perpetual trust for the permanent use of local Maine communities along the branches of the Dead River.

Our Mission :

To provide access to land, housing, education and other resources so people in Maine can grow food in environmentally sustainable ways, live comfortably with dignity and create community systems where locally produced foods, healthy lifestyles and affordable housing are available to all.

Sold by The Dead River

The Dead River Collective

Dedicated to supporting local Maine communities!

Our Community Donations

December Sales & Donation Totals

As a general rule we donate about 30% or more to organizations in Maine that help support local communities.

We currently donate general funds to the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the Good Shephard Food Bank (Feeding America) & other various local organizations.

West Forks, ME

West Forks, Maine

The West Forks in Maine is where the Dead River and the Kennebec River meet, and this intersection of two powerful rivers has created one of the best areas for whitewater rafting in the region. Situated along the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway, The West Forks is also in the heart of Maine’s premiere snowmobiling country and provides easy access to Maine’s interconnected trail system (ITS), which has hundreds of miles of well-marked trails through the wilderness, perfect for wildlife watching and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.


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