Abandoned Maine


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In Abandoned Maine, Michael Petipas captures the state’s past through a collection of photographs. Through this visual journey, readers can explore the beauty that has been left behind in the wreckage of places that time and people have forgotten.

Abandoned locations always have a story to tell. Some were once giants of industry that slowly became obsolete and were eventually forced to close their doors for good. Other places are of great historical significance. Some places the locals remember fondly, and they continue to live among them as they slowly decay year after year. Then there are the places that keep their secrets, and the cause of their decay is left to the imagination.

All the locations in this book have been left to sit empty and slowly give way to the rains of spring, the heat of summer, and the cold of winter. One day, these old structures will be no more than a pile of bones and a distant memory for the few people that remember them.

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