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Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls

Maine’s highest & most easily accessible waterfall

Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s highest waterfalls, including a single vertical drop of nearly 90 feet as well as other plunges and pools. A relatively easy walk of a little under one-mile brings visitors down to this scenic destination.
Maine’s highest waterfall

spectacular near 100-ft. drop

Moxie Falls is It can be found only a couple of miles up from The Forks and 6/10 of a mile on foot from the road on a well-cared-for path. The reward of this beautiful hike is Maine’s most picturesque waterfall, a great way to end a day of whitewater rafting in the summer or leaf peeping in the fall.

For those looking to splash about or maybe catch a native brook trout, follow the stream down below the falls where you’ll find one of the areas finest swimming and fishing holes.


A relatively easy walk of a little under one-mile

The first half of the Moxie Falls Trail is quite flat and passes through pleasant mixed woods as it travels towards the falls. This first section of trail includes gravel surfacing and is a bit wider than a standard, primitive hiking trail.

Approximately halfway down the trail, a woods road is crossed. There is a welcome sign here, which serves as a good landmark indicating the falls are not too far away. Within a quarter of a mile, the trail begins to become a little steeper, though it still is not too steep by hiking standards. Shortly thereafter, visitors encounter a series of wooden stairs and boardwalks providing access over the rugged terrain surrounding the falls.

There are several wooden observation platforms providing a number of different looks at Moxie Stream’s plunges. Return to the trailhead by retracing your route.