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Help support the fight to protect Maine medical cannabis caregiver & patient rights!

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Let’s tell Seaweed Cannabis Co, Maine Cannabis Exchange, Sweet Dirt, Northland Botanicals, Coastal Cannabis Co, Brothers Cannabis and most importantly Shipyard Brewing & Sea Dog Brewing to STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH OUT OF STATE OWNED COMPANIES!

Support Local Maine Cannabis

Dear Maine Dispensaries & Caregivers,

Through high priced lobbyists, corporate lawyers, political deals and shady funding that comes from unknown sources, the multi state owned corporate cannabis interests have caused significant damage & destruction to our small business sales numbers, job growth, the general state economy and the state’s overall best interests.

We firmly believe that all cannabis should be produced in the state in which it is sold.

Due to the fact that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, any interstate movement of cannabis products should be avoided at all levels, both medical & recreational. Medical cannabis is now Maine’s 2nd biggest commercial commodity behind only lobster.

As a member of Maine's cannabis community, we humbly ask that you reconsider your choice to partner with Shipyard Brewing, Sea Dog Brewing & Novel Beverage Co while they continue to support the corporate takeover of our industry by companies like Theory Wellness, Curaleaf & others.

By allowing these products to be sold in these corporate owned dispensaries, Shipyard (and others) are helping to fund the lobbying efforts aimed at stripping patients of their medical rights & caregivers of their financial ability to compete with corporate funding.

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