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All of the funding for our community outreach is supported through purchases made through our marketplace. We wouldn’t be able to help any of our local Maine towns, businesses, schools, individuals & local charities without these sales. You make everything we do possible with even the smallest purchase!

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*All apparel & accessories in our Marketplace utilize eco-friendly on demand printing to reduce the environmental impact of unused stock.

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Roughcut food lab

From the logging camps of old Maine to grandma’s farmhouse kitchen, feeding people is just something our family has always done with pride. Roughcut takes old school style and pairs it with far more exotic flavors without the fancy tweezers & white tablecloths.

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Even Words Have Power


Every time you share one of our inspiring quotes you help spread the word of what we try to do ever day, help local Maine communities. Social media is like a game and you can help us win it by sharing & tagging us in your posts!

My uplifted ancestors, guides, fierce protectors & skilled healers.
Please be with me in this moment, and guide me along my road with a cool head & a clear heart.
I am root of your root, soil of your soil, bone of your bone, and blood of your blood.
Keep the gifts of health & prosperity close so that we may honor and grow your legacy.
I have not forgotten my commitment to our lineage and I vow to never forget.
Thank you.
More Than Just A Vacation

The Way Life Should Be

West Forks, a plantation in Somerset County, was fully organized March 31, 1893, though it had been organized for election purposes in 1859.  It is north of The Forks Plantation.

West Forks lies north of the Dead River and west of the Kennebec just above where the two rivers combine at The Forks.